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Sport & fitness instruction. I have been doing this sport since 2003. European Championship gold medal (MMA).

At the tender age of 7, I embarked on my martial arts journey and devoted three years to mastering the art of judo. As I reached double digits, I began exploring the striking side of things and spent the next half a decade honing my kickboxing and muay Thai skills. It was at this point that my professional career in combat sports truly began to take shape. But my journey didn’t end there, at 16, I delved into the world of mixed martial arts and never looked back.

I’ve been dedicated to constantly bettering myself, not just through competing, but also by seeking out opportunities to learn and grow as a trainer. My hard work paid off in 2014 when I reached the peak of my coaching career.

Now, I continue to impart my knowledge and experience to both professional and amateur fighters, offering personalized on-site coaching and working with athletes at various centers in Houston.

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My blog will introduce the greatest MMA champions ever and I am really proud to be one of the professionals of this sport

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